‘yay!’ small buggy


Beautiful buggy with etched detail & hinged door, on two mini wheels & tiny flag.

Made in copper, brass & nickel, this piece measures approx 30mm wide x 70mm high x 40 mm deep.

Each piece is a one off, but a similar design can be made if requested.

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Meet the designer
Bronwen Tyler-Jones

By designer: Bronwen Tyler-Jones

Bronwen studied at Birmingham School of Jewellery gaining both a BA and MA in Silversmithing and Jewellery. Since leaving in 1996, Bronwen has been making her Metalwork Inventions range and Jewellery from my workshop in Hereford. The inspirations for her pieces are taken from a diverse range of influences including comedy, mechanical components movement and text - words and narrative play an essential role in the thought process and construction of her pieces - one word can spark a whole range of ideas.