Silver bubble cuff


Silver bangle with subtle textured surface echoing the textures found underwater from the ever changing rocks, reefs and moving sand.

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Meet the designer
Kostadinos Karanikas

By designer: Kostadinos Karanikas

Kostadinos's jewellery draws inspiration from his natural surrounding of his homeland, the historical city of Ioannina in northwest Greece. It has a raw feel and consists of highly textured organic shapes to celebrate the nature that surrounds us; it is tactile, present and solidly individual. The designs in kostadinos jewellery follow the shapes, textures and lines of the rocks, ridges, reefs, sand etc that host the rich ecosystems of the reefs and mountains. It is the rock formations that tell stories of violent eruptions and geological transformations alongside baring the experience of time and elements that have chiselled and keep shaping them. Collections and one off pieces are fabricated with traditional jewellery making techniques (lost wax casting, metal forging and silversmithing with a heavy focus on texture and form. He works in recycled silver and recycled gold with processes sensitive to the environment and using sustainable material and processes where possible.