Textured silver brooch


A recycled silver brooch formed from a single sheet using anti-clastic raising. The delicate hammer marks radiate from the centre of this lovely organic, curvaceous form. With a soft satin finish, this brooch fastens securely with a stainless steel double pin.

As each brooch is made by hand, no two will be exactly the same. It measures approximately 45mm wide by 30mm in height.

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Meet the designer
Anne Massey

By designer: Anne Massey

Established silversmith and jeweller Anne V Massey produces elegant hand-formed jewellery from sterling silver. Every piece is hand-hammered from silver sheet using the technique of anticlastic raising.

Anne has a strong understanding of the materials she uses. Having studied Chemistry at the University of St. Andrews for 4 years she moved onto a more creative discipline at Maidstone College of Art, and Brighton Polytechnic (now the University of Brighton) where she graduated with first-class honours in Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics.

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