Striped Cluster Necklace


This lovely cluster style necklace features three leaf shaped pieces in black, nightwatch green and orange resin with cream highlights. The resin has been moulded, cast, and then sanded to create colourful bold shaped pieces with a beautifully smooth finish and will add some subtle colour to any outfit.
It comes on an oxidised silver chain so that it can be worn at both 41cm/16″ or 46cm/18″. The smallest leaf shape is 25mm long and the largest is 32mm.


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Meet the designer
Karen Mcmillan

By designer: Karen Mcmillan

Inspired by linear shapes found in nature and a love of Japanese pattern, Karen enjoys using resin as a material as colour is an important aspect of her work. Particularly influenced by a 1950’s and 1960‘s colour palette, Karen contrasts colour and shape, often playing around with the overall uniformity of the piece.

Karen's most recent work involves inlaying pattern into resin or just a simple line, giving the quality of a drawn line. This body of work involves mould making and casting, then through techniques such as saw piercing, filing and laborious sanding, the inlaid pattern is revealed. Karen produces colourful bold pieces including earrings, necklaces, bangles and cufflinks.