Ripple duo drop silver earrings


Sterling silver drop earrings, hammered on a slight curve, making a beautiful concave dome.

These delicate stud earrings combine contrasting finishes, the outside of the tiny circlet is beaten and shiny, while the inside is softly textured.

Approx dimensions, 11m width x 14mm length

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Meet the designer
Latham & Neve

By designer: Latham & Neve

Latham & Neve's elegant work is inspired by solid, Modernist design, with attention to detail and a no nonsense approach to the function and performance of each individual piece. Moving towards a more sustainable way of working, they use recycled silver and gold. Most of the work is handmade from scratch, even the casting is done locally to their workshop in Kent, where all the pieces are finished. Anna Latham and Helen Neve met at Medway College of Art & Design, now the University of the Creative Arts where they honed their craft, and then later joined forces to form Latham & Neve.