Large silver lichen sunburst hoop earrings


Delicate & lightweight sunburst hoops, formed in textured silver, with a subtle gold flare to signify importance of the human connection to our beautiful natural landscapes.

These earrings measure approx 40mm in diametre.

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Meet the designer
Lucy Spink

By designer: Lucy Spink

Lucy’s work manifests her sympathy with nature and her understanding of its fragility. It is beautifully handcrafted, textured jewellery which speaks of the details of our natural environment and the deeply rooted human connection to landscape. Each piece feels as precious as that pebble you curl your hand around and slip into your pocket as a reminder. Lucy works full time as a jeweller and has a BA Hons from Glasgow Art School as well as 2 years of practical experience working in a jewellery studio in Trinidad. She is an award winning jeweller and is a member of the Crafts Council.