Bronze London plane hoops earrings


These textured bronze hoop earrings have been cast directly from a London Plane tree.

The left and right hoop earrings are cast from different pieces of bark that were chosen for their naturally complementary patterns and shapes. They are slightly different, a detail that reveals itself on closer inspection.

Cast from bronze with 9ct yellow gold post and butterfly back, these earrings measure approx 20mm diameter, 5mm width, 1.5mm thick

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Meet the designer
Issy White

By designer: Issy White

Issy White is an independent jeweller based in Sussex. All of her pieces begin outdoors, and she turns elements of nature into jewellery that captures the beauty of the world around us. From her studio in West Sussex, Issy forages for tiny instances of Mother Nature – like peeling tree bark or a fallen seed. She then turns these fragments into handcrafted contemporary jewellery using a technique known as ‘lost wax casting’. After casting the foraged fragments in bronze, silver or gold, she carefully manipulate the metal – priming and polishing, bending and burnishing, helping the organic shape to fit the contours of our own natural bodies.