Trax large rectangular shapes necklace in greens, white and grey


A gorgeous necklace made from silver and anodised aluminium in soft jade, green, white and grey hues.

Penny has constructed each of the five rectangles by riveting together hand printed shapes with plain dyed ones. Each rectangle measures approximately 40mm x 25mm max.

The necklace is fastened via a textured silver T-bar and can be worn at 18″/ 46cm and 20″/ 51cm lengths.

A feather-light, statement piece that will compliment many outfits and colour schemes.

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Meet the designer
Penny Warren

By designer: Penny Warren

After graduating from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Polytechnic with a BA Honours degree in Designer Craftsmanship, Penny began to develop her interest in pattern and its application to jewellery.

Small sheets of pre-anodised aluminium are dyed freehand and the colours diluted to achieve a watercolour effect. When the ink is dry, the aluminium is immersed in boiling water to seal the colour permanently into the surface.

Once this is done the sheet is ready to be made into jewellery. The pieces are cut into shapes, either by stamping out or using a piercing saw, milled to add a texture to the surface, domed or folded and the edges are polished.

The aluminium is then combined with silver either by riveting or using folding techniques. Despite being light it is an incredibly robust material.

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