Rocks on square silver pendant with rosecut salt and pepper diamond


Textured square sterling silver pendant, with a beautiful 2.5mm rosecut salt and pepper diamond set at its centre. The square measures 8mm and hangs from a delicate 18″ / 46cm silver curb chain.

Hannah makes her Rocks range by sculpting and carving each piece in wax, which is then cast in sterling silver. She then files her work by hand to give every piece a one-off shape and finish.

We also stock matching Rocks on square silver stud earrings with and without diamonds.

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Meet the designer
Hannah Felicity Dunne

By designer: Hannah Felicity Dunne

Hannah works with traditional hammering techniques to create jewellery and silverware. Cups, bowls and spoons are hammered into shape from flat sheets of silver. Jewellery pieces are hammered from precious sheet or formed using multiple links of precious wire, soldered, hammered and polished. Hannah adapts and textures her tools personally to give unique finishes to her work.

With the cast pieces Hannah works firstly with wax; cutting, filing and sculpting the wax. The wax is cast in silver or gold and then worked with hand tools to refine the shape and finish. Each of the Rocks On facets is hand filed in the precious metal to give the delicate texture and polished to finish.

All Hannah’s work is completely handmade, with an emphasis on quality, form and texture each one purposely to be a little individual but at the same time keeping consistency within the making.

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