Oxidised silver shimmer earring with pearl drops


Oxidised silver shimmer earring with pearl drops. Elegant, oxidised silver shimmer hook earrings with a white pearl.

Each of the tiny shimmers are formed individually and wrapped through chain links, creating a lovely textural drop and contrasting with the smooth pearl at the base. The shimmers are not completely fixed, allowing for delicate movement as they are worn.

Including the hook, the total drop length of each earring is approx 32mm.

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Meet the designer
Gill Pottle

By designer: Gill Pottle

After graduating with an extended diploma in precious metals at Birmingham School of Jewellery, Gill set up her studio in Northamptonshire and created the Shimmer collection.

The pieces in this collection are made by wire wrapping many handmade elements onto thick sterling silver chain to create jewellery that is full of texture, movement and shine. She adds patina to some pieces to give them more depth, and also makes a freshwater pearl range to complement the original collection.

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