Misu ring – silver, gold and yellow sapphire


The combination of silver and gold, and positive and negative space makes this a truly striking ring.

It is part of Susanna’s Misu range made from silver, 9ct rose gold wire, and crowned with a warm yellow sapphire set in 9ct yellow gold. It measures approx 4-8mm wide (not including the setting), 2mm deep and features a dark yellow sapphire approx 3mm wide.

This particular ring is a size K1/2, but it can also be ordered in your required size by selecting from the drop-down options below. If you need help with sizing, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Please note that as each ring is made by hand, each is unique, so an order may not look precisely as pictured, but will look very similar and that it can take up to 4 weeks for delivery.

This ring is one of a range of Misu rings we stock by Susanna, available in a selection of widths and featuring an array of lovely stones including blue topaz, black/white diamond, yellow/blue sapphire as well as some without stones.

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Meet the designer
Susanna Hanl

By designer: Susanna Hanl

I am a self taught jewellery designer/maker.

I draw inspiration from almost anything; nature, architecture, art, conversations and the material I use. Stones sometimes dictate a certain way of setting, but I love to experiment and also to see what happens if I let materials "do their own thing“. Often commissions inspire - they can be challenging, which I love, or there is so little/much in a customer’s brief that a lot of designing/creating is involved, which then can lead to new inspirations. Sometimes making mistakes creates something new and exciting too.

All my pieces are handmade one-off pieces, that are as unique as the people who wear them, and of as high a standard and quality as I can produce. My pieces might not be as perfect as some machine made ones, but they are made by a human being for human beings.