Irregular Ovals with Stalk, Silver Earrings


These simple irregular oval shaped earrings are made from sterling silver. They have a strong shape that would add interest to a simple outfit & perfect for day or evening.

Her collection is influenced by William Scott, the painter whose still life work moves effortlessly between abstract & figurative work. After seeing his work at an exhibition in the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefleld, Annabet has created her own abstract & textural forms in her strong work.

The earrings measure approx:

Tall oval, including stalks 40mm (h) x 22mm (w)
Horizontal oval 41mm (h) x 28mm (w)

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Meet the designer
Annabet Wyndham

By designer: Annabet Wyndham

Annabet uses uncomplicated shapes and techniques of construction such as piercing, cold forging and bending small tactile pieces to make her work. In 2003 Annabet completed a residency in Australia which gave her invaluable time to experience and enjoy new ideas and techniques. On returning to her workshop she added torch fired enamelling to her palette. Her jewellery has taken centre stage over her silversmithing in the last few years. Her most recent pieces are inspired by still life paintings and the bringing together of objects. Annabet grew up in Hertfordshire, She studied at the University of Brighton and now lives and works in the city. She works in a group workshop with 10 other makers.

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