Gold plated riveted chain necklace


A striking, long necklace formed from large, handmade sterling silver links, plated in 24ct gold.

Hilary has cut each link from subtly textured sheet silver. Each link is then formed and riveted to the next, creating this beautiful sculptural chain. A true statement piece which is sure to lift any outfit!

The necklace measures approx 91.5cm / 36″ in length. Each link measures roughly 20mm long.

Also available in silver.

In stock

Meet the designer
Hilary Brown

By designer: Hilary Brown

Hilary is a jeweller at heart, although past work has strayed into the realms of spoons and vessels - the Crafts Council have some of her spoons in their collection.

She began her career in the 1980s making jewellery from thin sheet acrylic and experimenting with achieving a thin papery feel to a brittle man-made material. A selection of these early pieces is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Arts Houston, USA and the jewellery collection of the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Arts.

After a long break to raise children and a stint as an interior designer, Hilary is back at the jeweller’s bench currently working in silver on one-off and limited edition pieces. The current ‘crumpled’ series of pieces are inspired by playing around with crumpled paper – the thin theme again, and her love of ancient jewellery, especially that which has been crushed and flattened by centuries of being buried in a forgotten hoard.

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