Elongated silver statement earrings


Bold drop earrings in textured, satin sterling silver. These striking earrings measure 90mm in length and have a maximum width of 16mm. The earrings are fitted with a post and large butterfly scroll.

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Meet the designer
Lucy Thompson

By designer: Lucy Thompson

Having come from a background in sculpture Lucy enjoys designing and making statement led pieces, particularly earrings but balances these with more delicate, timeless pieces.

Inspiration comes from many places – the agricultural backdrop of the farm that Lucy grew up on opened her eyes to rusty textures and the random juxtaposition of discarded objects. Inspiration also comes loosely from the ancient Etruscan and Roman jewellery that she is drawn to – not necessarily their attention to decorative detail but the overall forms and use of repetition.

Lucy explores texture and shape in her latest jewellery collection. Her geometric shapes contrast with the gritty textures she creates on to the surface of the silver. The rough textures sit neatly with the highly polished details. Multiples layer delicately together and straight lines dominate. The contrasts continue with the colours of metal that she chooses. The black oxidised silver with yellow gold and the bright subtle silver and rose gold play an important part in her practice.

She prides herself on the meticulous production and finish of her work – as well as design, quality is very important to her.

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